Free Exotic Travel Story: Chestnuts in an open fire…. King’s tomb in Madain Saleh. This fantastic link discusses the Nabatean culture which previously thrived in the area. January 27, 1985 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Dear Mom and Dad, I finally got to the desert! It was cold and it rained! Princess M. had 15 tents all set up, with electricity too. It was about 45 minutes from town, in sight of the airport. The tents were: men’s eating/women’s eating, kitchen, sleeping tents (with beds and electric lights) washroom tents (in the sand – no flush or portable toilet) and women’s tea tent, very large with one wall open … Continue reading Free Exotic Travel Story: Chestnuts in an open fire….


Once upon a time, a long, long time ago (1986), a commoner of limited means (teacher) lived in a Kingdom (Saudi Arabia). She risked a free operation in that Kingdom. As an American, she rarely had health coverage. Years of codeine pain relief for her monthly passing of blood, which destroyed three days, now, at the age of 36, annihilated seven – one fourth of her life. She plunged into the Kingdom’s dubious medical procedures. She lived in a university-hospital housing compound, buses daily chauffeuring her and female colleagues to and from the university. The yellow and black rod which … Continue reading TWO FREE ELECTIVE SURGERIES!

Top 10 Foreign Delights by countries lived in

(All photos are mine except for the Bali postcard and above UAE holiday card) 1.  CANADA – 2 years     Stanley Park, Vancouver Two years of happiness. Fantastic opportunity to write and receive feedback on my writing in … Continue reading Top 10 Foreign Delights by countries lived in

Top 10 Wonderful Realities about Teaching English Overseas

Asian students are wonderful. They are quiet and respectful. They also study and learn. Arabic countries are superior to Asian countries in regards to housing, culture and food. In the Arabic countries of the UAE and Oman, the weather is superb. Al Ain in the UAE was like spring every day for five months. Sandals 24/7/365 was fantastic. Yearly round-trip tickets home or to other vacation hot spots were enjoyable, such as a Christmas week in Ubud, a painting-haven in Bail. No USA income taxes. Nearly 99% of teachers make less than $99,000 a year, the cut off mark for … Continue reading Top 10 Wonderful Realities about Teaching English Overseas

How Living in Arabia Changed Me

Gulf countries are not just desert and oil. Two years in Saudi Arabia, two in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one in Egypt and 11 in Oman, total 16 years. How did I change? Attitudes towards clothing, money, health, food, socializing, and religion. First, clothing. Nowadays I prefer the comfort of loose clothing, mandatory in Arabia. It allows air to flow between skin, cloth and the outside heat while being modest. Jeans were too hot. Westerners insulting Arabs as ‘ragheads’ should look in the mirror: Baseball caps and hoodies. Payday in Saudi Arabia (1984-1986) – cash. Then I wired it … Continue reading How Living in Arabia Changed Me