Top 10 Wonderful Realities about Teaching English Overseas

  1. Asian students are wonderful. They are quiet and respectful. They also study and learn.
  2. Arabic countries are superior to Asian countries in regards to housing, culture and food.
  3. In the Arabic countries of the UAE and Oman, the weather is superb. Al Ain in the UAE was like spring every day for five months. Sandals 24/7/365 was fantastic.
  4. Yearly round-trip tickets home or to other vacation hot spots were enjoyable, such as a Christmas week in Ubud, a painting-haven in Bail.
  5. No USA income taxes. Nearly 99% of teachers make less than $99,000 a year, the cut off mark for USA taxes. Arabic countries have no taxes. Usually, in other countries, the universities or companies paid taxes on the salaries.
  6. Exotica abounded. Constant chaos and stimulation satisfied my need for novelty.
  7. Servants were available to weekly clean my home. Friends with children could easily afford nannies in the UAE and Oman.
  8. Culture differences force the mind to open, bend, reflect and change to compare and understand how the USA and the host country resolve political, social and social problems. I define culture simply as a set of rules and ways of living for survival and peaceful co-existence that a large number of people agree to accept. Over time, the rules become traditions and are too often revered as unchangeable. This hampers development and openness to new ideas.
  9. Most often, saving money was possible because many countries lacked expensive shopping malls nor did I spend a small fortune on alcohol. For clothes, 11 years in Oman, I chose material and styles, and had Indians make my dresses.
  10. Among many friends, relatives and even acquaintances from my own country,
    living overseas conferred status, romance, or admiration.

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