My Pen Name

In my 20s, one of my sisters congratulated me on my published book of poems. I was confused. I soon learned the book was written by another Alice Walker, an African-American who later wrote The Color Purple. If you Google Alice Walker in the United States, 5,840,000 appear, many added when Google included’s database. Walker was once the 19th most popular surname in the United States. I intended to be a famous writer too. Alice Walker, the Black and Alice Walker, the White? I invented my first pen name using my mother’s maiden name: A. Delaney Walker. I hid … Continue reading My Pen Name

Parents, don’t let your kids take……

The drug CIPRO, an antibiotic that may cause life lasting side effects that may destroy one’s quality of life. Please refuse it should a doctor or hospital offer it. I received a three-hour drip of it unwittingly.  Once I woke and discovered it, I removed the tube from my arm. Perhaps too late…. From NATURE magazine, March 2018 ….But after persistent campaigning by patient groups, attitudes began to change in 2008, when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the first of what would be a series of strong alerts about the side effects of fluoroquinolone drugs, including … Continue reading Parents, don’t let your kids take……

Top 10 Foreign Delights by countries lived in

(All photos are mine except for the Bali postcard and above UAE holiday card) 1.  CANADA – 2 years     Stanley Park, Vancouver Two years of happiness. Fantastic opportunity to write and receive feedback on my writing in … Continue reading Top 10 Foreign Delights by countries lived in

Museum Wealth

At Lisbon’s Gulbenkian Museum, a sculpture of three human-sized women guards the entrance, as Winged Victory dominates the Louvre stairway. The first room holds ancient Egyptian amber ring-seals and slim gold necklaces. Behind a Plexiglas window stands a few modest sculptures. A small black basalt of a man’s head looks so lively, I think I passed him on the street this morning. Three hundred year old carpets are floor exhibits while equally old textiles are wall-mounted. Assyrian and Egyptian stone life-sized reliefs bring thousands of years of human life into present time. But it is the exhibit of coins that … Continue reading Museum Wealth