SAVE THE EARTH! – Covid Fails. Humanity’s Choice: Mass Death by War or Disease

The Great Covid Conspiracy has failed. Covid killed only four million people while its goal was four billion. Thus Covid would have saved the planet from its over-population ills. The Birth Control Pill of 1963 failed. Abortion isn’t widespread enough for billions. Social-economic problems for both.

By targeting older people, this Covid Conspiracy humane aim was to allow old people to pass on their DNA and avoid death minus debilitating and painful diseases. For China, this would have resolved the young being burdened with the care of aging parents. For the USA, massive dollars of Social Security debits would be written off the ledger.

Around the world, old people, with all their life wisdom and knowledge, would be annihilated. This is a service to politicians weary of opposition.

As a global conspiracy between the USA and China (maybe India too), Covid was to be the humane choice over war. Usual wars deplete the planet’s resources and cause horrific damage to countries’ civilians, infrastructure, and futures.

Remember, research in Wuhan – gain of function – is illegal in the United States. However, US scientists and funds shared with Wuhan and China created Covid.

Remember how Europeans discovered North America and conquered it? After infectious diseases killed, as some researchers say, 90% of Native Americans. Unheralded free farming lands opened to the foreigners. Redskins-living-in-tepees-riding-horses propaganda retold that story. Western history buried the farms, villages and whole organized societies killed by invading bacteria.

Many scientists perceive themselves as better and apart from others. This discouraged them from applying a multi-disciplinary approach to their Covid Conspiracy. They worked in pristine isolation. Thus the economic wreckage of Covid was not coherently included in its calculations. Their narrow focus was for saving Planet Earth. Most conspiracy and conspirators neglect to include failure in their plans.

Elon Musk and other billionaires are seeking life in space. They know Planet Earth will be uninhabitable within 20 years. (Watch the movie Elysium*).

Eventually, the long-term Covid success in Africa will prove the merits of this Covid Conspiracy. Then another incredibly faster at killing, and more efficient virus will be targeted at groups. In the name of “Save the Planet!”

Most of us, deep down, would admit death by a fast-acting illness rather than World War III with its daily blood and guts news coverage would be easier to live with to “Save the Planet!”

The question now becomes – who will scientists target? The obese? A different virus for males and females would be required – or accidentally all men would die. Short people? All children. Too sad. Color of skin? Racist. How about targeting brown eyes? That’s 80% of the world’s population! Lucky me, I have blue-green eyes!

Elysium (2013) – IMDb › title › tt1535108

Action Drama Sci-Fi In the year 2154, the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth. A man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds. Director Neill Blomkamp Writer Neill Blomkamp Stars Matt Damon Jodie Foster Sharlto Copley