Reading List to Self-Educate

Reading List for Freshman Year

Date of Death
Aeschylus  Greek, 456 BCPlaywright, wrote 60 plays, but only 7 still exist.
ArchimedesGreek, 212 BCScientist, mathematician.  Proved a body in a fluid becomes lighter by the amount the fluid replaces, and yelled “Eureka!” Famous expression for – I found it. He did this to see if a gold crown was really made from gold or a cheaper metal for a king. (I think).
AristophanesGreek, 388 BCPlaywright, wrote 54 plays, only 11 extant. Wrote satire.
AristotleGreek,  322 BCPhilosopher, scientist, physician, tutor to Alexander the Great. First to write about logic. Made major contributions to the study of natural change, psychology, biology.
CannizzaroItalian, 1826 – 1910.Chemist remembered for the Cannizzaro reaction regarding hydrogen and other chemicals, and for his role in the atomic-weight deliberations of the Karlsruhe Congress in 1860.[1]
EuclidGreek 4-3rd century BCMathematician.
EuripidesGreek, 406Playwright, wrote 80 plays, 19 survive, famous tragedies such as Medea and Electra
FahrenheitPolish/German, 1736Physicist, invented alcohol thermometer in 1709, and then the mercury one in 1714.
HerodotusGreek, 425 BCHistorian, travelled in Middle East, wrote about wars between Greek and Persians. His historical accounts of events are often quoted. (He may be fun to read in an English translation).
HomerGreek, c 8th century BCWrote poetry, the Iliad (siege of Troy) and the  Odyssey. (Also fun to read, but in a prose form, rather than the original epic poetry it was written).
LavoisierFrench, 1794Founder of modern chemistry, politically a liberal, but was guillotined during the French Revolution
LucretiusLatin, 55 BCPoet and philosopher
PlatoGreek, 347 CPhilosopher, student of Socrates. Taken as a whole, his philosophy has been enormously influential in Western culture.
PlutarchGreek 120 ADHistorian, biographer, philosopher. Wrote essays on ethics, politics, religion, etc. Source of Shakespeare’s Roman plays.
ProustFrench, 1922Novelist, Remembrance of Things Past, exploring the power of memory and the unconscious as well as the nature of writing itself. Very influential in literature.
SophoclesGreek, 406 BCTragic playwright, 123 plays, 7 in extant. Wrote: Electra, Oedipus Rex, Antigone.
ThucydidesGreek, 400 BCHistorian of the Peloponnesian wars

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