Guatapé, Colombia

After my 50th high school reunion in Chicago, I visited a friend who had retired to Guatape, Colombia, a small town outside of Medellin. Here are some photos of the homes. People paint images that depict the family’s work or story on the front of their homes, the bottom part. The government partially subsidizes the paint. It’s expensive because it must weather nearly six months per year of rain!

I must confess, I enhanced the photos a bit. I increased the contrast settings to make the colors pop a bit more than in real life. It’s a hilly village, so many streets are on angles.

Guatapé – Wikipediaé

Guatapé is a town and municipality in Antioquia Department,Colombia. It is a part of the subregion of Eastern Antioquia. Guatapé is bordered on the north by ….

You might also enjoy looking at some of the many YouTube videos about this beautiful small town. Unfortunately, too many tourists and foreign retirees may ruin its charm within a few years. It helps to speak Spanish here since the town is still new to tourists with only a few English-speakers

Easy to guess what this family is interested in!
Like most homes, this bird of paradise house has two floors with a balcony.
These are by the bus station, showing various modes of transport.
This hotel in on the main plaza. Its colors are just as stunning in RL.
This decorates a cafe where men drink and play cards.

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