USA vs Europe – Viva la differences!

This article is marvellously wonderful!  Americans who don’t travel have been brainwashed that the USA is ‘the greatest country in the word’ without knowing about the world! When I visited London when I was 30, I was shocked that the normal vacation for everyone was five weeks paid holiday. In the USA, it was one week after six months; two weeks after one year. For a longer vacation, a person could quit a job and wait a few weeks before looking for work.

America is NOT the Greatest Country in the World

This above video is from an early episode of “The Newsroom”. I showed it to my students in Turkey who were going to the USA for summer English classes. I also told my students that, in most countries, at least 10% of the population is going to be ignorant and dangerous. In the USA, from a population of 325.7 million, translates into 32.57 million dangerous Americans. If the 10% is upped to 20%, that means nearly 65 million people to avoid, if possible.

Many people, during the PC (politically correct) time in the USA when I lived overseas, criticized the use of stereotypes. In thinking (not acting) using stereotypes is one way to group ideas. Here are some European stereotypes from a postcard.



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