Alice in Wonderland through the Cryptocurrency Maze

The New York Times printed an article today This article is long and confusing, but I thought it was about time I understood cryptocurrencies. I found this quite one-sided even to my relatively uneducated mind. Where were the facts and data about the use of such currencies for fraud, ransomware attacks, money laundering and others I did know about? So I sought knowledge in the COMMENTS section and found it! Watergate Redux Chicago6h ago Cryptocurrencies are an attempt by powerful private interests to wrest control over the creation of money from national governments. In the U.S., that power is vested … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland through the Cryptocurrency Maze


Nowadays, with Google images, it’s possible to see money from around the world. Before that, here’s my collection. American money is actually the most boring – all the same color, same size, different picture of a president in the middle. Unfortunately, the two dollar bill was recalled, although re-issued in 1976. Notice how Egyptian money is bilingual, English and Arabic. This is common in other Arabian countries. The huge numbers of foreigners working in Arabic countries often know some English. New countries, like Saudi Arabia put their leaders, such as King Abdulaziz. Notice how the English side has an airport, … Continue reading Money


ABOLISH 99% OF ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES because most of them are like religions – false promises of the future without delivering legal benefits. I was a temporary worker in an insurance company. Papers were to be filed in absurd categories and covered the floor in an office. It was nearly impossible to track the progression of a claim. There might be some remote insurance that is real, honest and helpful, but I don’t know it. Do you? BRING BACK REGULATIONS – to banks, hedge funds, energy companies, environmentally-involved companies, etc. CONGRESSIONAL PEOPLE’S INCOME OVER ONE MILLION – will no longer … Continue reading HOW TO FIX AMERICAN SOCIETY