Losing One’s Self-Identity – Dead Dreams

To suddenly, or over years, to learn that your old self will never return is heartbreaking. Accidents, trauma, Covid, even aging, can destroy a person’s self-identity. Rabbit, Run by Updike is a lament for the long-absent glory days of high school. I went from high-energy to physical and mental feebleness. No vitality, no motivation, no desire to do or accomplish a thing. Retirement was planned as a writer’s heaven: time to write and market my books without distractions from students, colleagues, or horrifying bosses. Fatigue terminated all these dreams. I journeyed a maze of psychiatric then biological competent and incompetent … Continue reading Losing One’s Self-Identity – Dead Dreams

Old Age Health – Problems & Cures

Kidney Stones & Constipation Diabetes E Coli Rotary Arm Cuff Pulled Knee and leg muscles Stevia – diabetic sugar substitute Dry Skin Fatigue 1. KIDNEY STONES  – Quebra Pedra tea Diagnosing a kidney stone is problematic. Many doctors, including urologists, are clueless that kidney stones cause constipation. “Oh, it’s just constipation,” one young doctor casually dismissed my distress. Finally, with unbearable pain, a late-night rush to an emergency room, then an MRI, an infected kidney stone was discovered. The cure? An IV hook-up. After three hours, I was woken. The label on the IV’s bottle was Cipro. Horrors!  Cipro can … Continue reading Old Age Health – Problems & Cures