Card Cheat – 3

Damn, these new boots are killing me!  I sure as hell don’t like lying in the dirt like this none, either.  Ain’t right. Something’s wrong here.  Kinda peaceful, though. Bet I killed him, right between the eyes. Mustva fallen over.  Damn, what the hell is this! I can’t move nothin. Hey, my foot just fell aside. I’ll just get up and brush off this dirt, saddle up and move on.  No way that bastard’s gonna call me a card cheat.p Well oh well. Look at that. There’s blood running from my body from about, let me count em, one on … Continue reading Card Cheat – 3


How much control do people have over their own lives? Not much. Maybe from zero to 20%. The wealthier, the more choices. The other portion of self-identity and life choices dwell outside the realm of individual control: gender – male, female or other; geography – place of birth; historical times – war or peace, health conditions, food access, and more; religion; culture – dictatorship, tribal, democracies, other; education – availability, contents, control; parental genes; and finally, family upbringing. NOTE: Numbers 7 and 8 are not discussed here. Modern science offers a plethora of information. For example, neuroscience has revealed the … Continue reading DNA, DESTINY, OR CHOICE