The Coming of the Stranger – a fairy tale – 4

Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a young girl who carried the waters from the well in a large jug upon her head. As she walked each day to the village well, she would sing the … Continue reading The Coming of the Stranger – a fairy tale – 4


Holding the baby, Scot let the infant’s eyes harden his.  Be young, though all three of them had been, he not be a man seen to cry by those brothers who paraded and swore as men and called him but a baby in disguise, a girl under his kite, a dandy with looks too good even for a Scotsman. The young man thrust his hands out to the young girl as she walked in the woods.  “Take her. I must grieve.  I dinno how to care for a child.” Joyce looked up at her tall brother-in-law, dead Lorna’s wife. She … Continue reading HOLDING THE BABY – 2