Princess Diana Road sign, London
Road crossing sign, Liwa, UAE (United Arab Emirates)
Summer in Wisconsin

Winter in Wisconsin
NOT related to the real SIT – many old, decaying Jakarta buildings disguised themselves with such huge billboards.
One place I worked in Oman. Later, I worked at much better managed colleges run by the Ministry of Manpower.
Yep, there really is a town called Zeek n Oman
I loved these colorful construction signs in Oman
For me, it’s been difficult to find humor with my camera – this is from a French storefront
Roads and many road signs are similar around the world.
Korean ‘love hotel’ sign.
Sharjah, UAE hotel sign
Amazing Christian churches in Islamic Turkey – in the tourist area of Cappodocia, which also has underground cities.
Chicago Deco Elevator
Lots of things in the Bible are true – such as Frankincense, its origin in Oman
Often sand collected onto roads, causing very dangerous driving conditions. The roads had to be swept – usually by Indian workers. Most of my male students wanted to be ‘managers’. They had no idea what that meant other than money and prestige – locals abhorred physical labor.
Roads were built in the path of wadis – sudden rainfalls would swamp the area and prevent cars from passing. People within cars could be pulled into their deaths if they foolishly ignored such signs.
Many Western actors appear in advertisement. This “Mentalist” main guy graces a shopping center in rich Cascais, Portugal.
Fun with signs - from around the world
As a fallen away Catholic, the Portuguese juxtaposition of a church and a beer sign was funny for me.
London Underground Sign of the timesmuch better than the 1969 signs that said avoid and report any unaccompanied bag or briefcase (Irish bombings in the UK back then).