The Coming of the Stranger – a fairy tale – 4

Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a young girl who carried the waters from the well in a large jug upon her head. As she walked each day to the village well, she would sing the … Continue reading The Coming of the Stranger – a fairy tale – 4


Holding the baby, Scot let the infant’s eyes harden his.  Be young, though all three of them had been, he not be a man seen to cry by those brothers who paraded and swore as men and called him but a baby in disguise, a girl under his kite, a dandy with looks too good even for a Scotsman. The young man thrust his hands out to the young girl as she walked in the woods.  “Take her. I must grieve.  I dinno how to care for a child.” Joyce looked up at her tall brother-in-law, dead Lorna’s wife. She … Continue reading HOLDING THE BABY – 2


  Make sure to answer questions 1-10 before moving on.   No cheating or you will ruin it!   Read the following questions, imagining the scenes in your mind, and write down the FIRST thing that you visualize.  Do not think about the questions excessively.   1.   You are walking in the woods.  Who are you walking with?   2.   You are walking in the woods.  You see an animal.  What kind of animal is it?   3.   What interaction takes place between you and the animal?   4.   You walk deeper into the woods.  You enter a clearing and … Continue reading FUN SELF-IDENTITY TEST/GOOD AT FAMILY, FRIENDS GATHERINGS

4 – Noises from the Heart – Caroline’s Story

Dying ain’t as hard as living. No siree. My only regret is I’m goin first, and we’re not goin together. Ain’t should be like that. Damn it. How I hollered at that dear husband of mine not to use that damn word “ain’t” and here it is, set right in my heart like a vampire stake.  Wish I could find myself somehow, somewhere. Find myself, after blowin to bits by Hollis, that damn son of mine. I was one of the sweetest-tempered girls in the county. Until that son grew up, wild. I’ll never knowd what made him so mean. … Continue reading 4 – Noises from the Heart – Caroline’s Story

Card Cheat – 3

Damn, these new boots are killing me!  I sure as hell don’t like lying in the dirt like this none, either.  Ain’t right. Something’s wrong here.  Kinda peaceful, though. Bet I killed him, right between the eyes. Mustva fallen over.  Damn, what the hell is this! I can’t move nothin. Hey, my foot just fell aside. I’ll just get up and brush off this dirt, saddle up and move on.  No way that bastard’s gonna call me a card cheat.p Well oh well. Look at that. There’s blood running from my body from about, let me count em, one on … Continue reading Card Cheat – 3

Alice in Wonderland through the Cryptocurrency Maze

The New York Times printed an article today This article is long and confusing, but I thought it was about time I understood cryptocurrencies. I found this quite one-sided even to my relatively uneducated mind. Where were the facts and data about the use of such currencies for fraud, ransomware attacks, money laundering and others I did know about? So I sought knowledge in the COMMENTS section and found it! Watergate Redux Chicago6h ago Cryptocurrencies are an attempt by powerful private interests to wrest control over the creation of money from national governments. In the U.S., that power is vested … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland through the Cryptocurrency Maze

Why Writing is so Difficult

Following is a letter to my paid for (yes, I am self-published still, sadly) editor and cover designer. This is why writing for me is so difficult. But now I must research surviving knee surgery. Unfortunately, Portuguese DHL makes it near-impossible to buy from which has so many more options than European web sites! I’m sorry I didn’t answer you fully. 1. These two new books will be KINDLE/e-books only – no spines or back covers. 2. The DNA one can have a desert brown back for the name. 3. The green/white background for the name is ONLY FOR … Continue reading Why Writing is so Difficult