My Pen Name

In my 20s, one of my sisters congratulated me on my published book of poems. I was confused. I soon learned the book was written by another Alice Walker, an African-American who later wrote The Color Purple. If you Google Alice Walker in the United States, 5,840,000 appear, many added when Google included’s database. Walker was once the 19th most popular surname in the United States. I intended to be a famous writer too. Alice Walker, the Black and Alice Walker, the White? I invented my first pen name using my mother’s maiden name: A. Delaney Walker. I hid … Continue reading My Pen Name

Three Books I Stopped Reading

Addicted to reading, I clearly remember the time when I was around 23 and diligently read to the end of a very long Danielle Steel book. It was so superficial, I was shocked, dismayed and outraged. I threw the book across my bedroom. It smacked into the wall with a loud thang. That was the first and last time I read a romance novel. I stopped reading three books for the opposite reason: they were so good, but emotionally devastating, I could not endure reading more. First, a friend loaned me a copy of SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA. The book vividly … Continue reading Three Books I Stopped Reading