Guapte, Colombia

After my 50th high school reunion, I visited a friend who had retired to Guapte, Colombia, a small town outside of Medellin. Here are some photos of the homes. People paint images that depict the family’s work or story. The government partially subsidizes the paint. It’s expensive because it must weather nearly six months per year of rain! I must confess, I enhanced the photos a bit. I increased the contrast settings to make the colors pop a bit more than in real life. It’s a hilly village, so many streets are on angles. Continue reading Guapte, Colombia

An Alchemist at Work

I stand before my kitchen counter. I’ve opened two dark, plastic almond oil bottles. The dark brown coloring protects the oil from possible sun or light damage. I place a tiny plastic funnel into the older bottle’s mouth and pour some newer oil into it. Just some, to raise its low level a bit. Afterwards, I slowly funnel glycerin into both bottles. Glycerin is a commonly used moisturizing additive to oils, skin and other beauty products. I recap the new almond oil bottle, slightly more than half full, and push it towards the wall. I then recap the now empty … Continue reading An Alchemist at Work