Why Writing is so Difficult

Following is a letter to my paid for (yes, I am self-published still, sadly) editor and cover designer. This is why writing for me is so difficult. But now I must research surviving knee surgery. Unfortunately, Portuguese DHL makes it near-impossible to buy from Amazon.com which has so many more options than European web sites!

I’m sorry I didn’t answer you fully.

1. These two new books will be KINDLE/e-books only – no spines or back covers.

2. The DNA one can have a desert brown back for the name.

3. The green/white background for the name is ONLY FOR THE GUITAR PLAYER


978-0-9791186-5-4   0-9791186-5-4   THE GUITAR PLAYER


978-0-9791186-6-1   0-9791186-6-2   THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MY DNA & OTHER FICTIONS

I guess only the shorter numbers are necessary for ISBN numbers nowadays.

Yes, you need to send me your price to remove ALL mention of THE GUITAR PLAYER from that ENTIRE file, renumber the pages and chapters.  I’m trying to turn it into a ‘romance’ by deleting the somewhat pornographic and evil in THE LADY KILLER. Too bad for me, that part puts the book into the ‘literature’ category’, IMHO. Too challenging for too many readers, IMHO.

Please remember to remove my photo and any and all other parts of whatever novel may still be at the end of your PDF file.

Could you please add my two links at the end of this email to the publisher/ISBN Kindle page too?

I’ll Western Union you the money – so please give my dyslexic mind a Canadian dollar quote. (Western Union here won’t send US dollars – sends country of destination coinage).

It’s so sad that a new Covid variant is now upsetting the world. Everyone’s social, business and financial lives are harmed. I feel fortunate to be old, with a steady income so far….. I hope you stay healthy and happy.

Oh – Amazon said it would accept word files for Kindle copies. What is your price quote for THE GUITAR PLAYER into a Kindle/mobi file? I really need to see how to deal with Barnes & Noble but a probable knee surgery and putting together (editing/rewriting) THE DNA book will come first. And after that I should resume both THE 13TH VAMPIRE MISSION (removing actual incest with imagined incest to remove some of its evil) and EXPATS IN ARABIA which has NO steamy scenes, I think. Can’t remember!

Do Kindles need bar codes? How would you price THE GUITAR PLAYER as a Kindle and/or e-book?

For some reason, I am stuck thinking financially in my childhood and college mode when EVERYTHING was too expensive. E-books are now like paperback books which made life so much easier.

Remember – send me that quote, please!

Love lots,



2 thoughts on “Why Writing is so Difficult

  1. Interesting. I don’t believe I’ve read an actual email to an editor before, since I don’t have much to spend on my books and have to go about it all on my own. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Maybe when you’re 71, you too can self-publish! Actually, I did have stories, poems and essays published in the USA, in small, out of print now. If I had remained in the USA, I wouldn’t have my stories to write but I might have been published! Everything in life, to me, is both good and bad. I too was dirt poor for decades. Just keep dreaming and working. Enjoy the moment. Share love with who ever you see each day.
      Thanks for the feedback! Yep, to a new writer, a letter to an editor really is something. I’m fortunate to have the money, found her, and she does great work. Been solely with her for nearly a decade. See, I started publishing in my 60s!


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