1. ABOLISH 99% OF ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES because most of them are like religions – false promises of the future without delivering legal benefits. I was a temporary worker in an insurance company. Papers were to be filed in absurd categories and covered the floor in an office. It was nearly impossible to track the progression of a claim. There might be some remote insurance that is real, honest and helpful, but I don’t know it. Do you?
  2. BRING BACK REGULATIONS – to banks, hedge funds, energy companies, environmentally-involved companies, etc.
  3. CONGRESSIONAL PEOPLE’S INCOME OVER ONE MILLION – will no longer eligible for office because it would be impossible for them to represent their people (plus the government would confiscate and re-distribute excess funds- in whatever form (real estate, national or overseas bank accounts, investments or other ways the rich ‘hide’ their money) that is over one million.
  4. CONGRESSIONAL TERM LIMITS – NO POLITICANS ALLOWED TO HOLD OFFICE OVER THE AGE OF 66. Term limits have been discussed and avoided for over 40 years!  Even Trump medical experts must admit cognitive decline begins after age 66. Why should a nation be held hostage to doddering old fools who can’t think beyond their egos, lost sex lives, bank accounts or legacies?
  5. CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN-CAW – movement should immediately address all crimes against women, including unequal pay, unequal work demands, domestic violence, glass ceilings, lack of representation in Congress and on CEO Boards, etc. One of the most common ways for a woman to die is to risk marriage and/or a romantic relationship.
  6. DISSOLVE CONGRESSIONAL HEALTH PLANS – give them what the rest of Americans don’t get and pay for.
  7. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – give women exemption from the law from murdering husbands or former loves who have been proven by court order, to cause them violence. Such men NEVER change or stop their bad behavior. Nor should women decide to charge or not charge a man for domestic abuse: this puts the women in danger.  Charges should automatically be done by an arresting police officer, immediately removing the abusive person from the home.
  8. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – CHILDREN too should be allowed to petition for divorce from incapable or abusive parents. Too often even good, healthy runaways join criminal elements to survive.
  9. DRUG ABUSERS – offer them three options: immediately stop using drugs, residency in a clinic, or immediate death. The clinic, however, would not be rehab – but six months of full access to any and all drugs while imprisoned in Bel Air mansions. At the end of six months, they get their overdose of choice. However, to qualify they must spend six months working to clean up after heroin projectile vomiting, filth from other drug use, clean the house, clothes and make the food for the inmates. After their six months as caregivers, then they have earned the choice to quit using drugs or indulge in their drugs of choice for six months then chose their overdose.
    Why? Most rehab centers have low level of success and are insurance/money coffers for their owners.
  10. ESTABLISH FAMILY SIZE, upward limit of four children (two for women; two for men) for everyone. Add income and education requirements so people do not need welfare. If you’re poor – no kids, like me. If you want to escape poverty, no kids, like me. However, women around the world are prevented by men from accessing and using birth control. THIS MUST END! RELIGIONS too must stop encouraging excessive childbirth to increase their numbers (few people convert to religions they are not born into).
  11. ESTABLISH NATIONAL POLICE DATA BASE – for crimes for and against police, so skipping town or to another state cannot ignore important data. It took years for women to get laws to provide for child support from wandering ex-husbands. It was also Mothers against Drunk Drivers, MADD, which changed driving while drunk attitudes and laws. And track bad police officers so they cannot be easily hired by out-of-state centers.
  12. FIVE WEEKS PAID VACATION LEAVE AS WELL AS PAID PARENTAL & SICK LEAVE – Europeans understand the value of vacations, unlike greedy American corporations. Yes, it is normal to get sick!
  13. FORBID TRUST FUNDS  – for either children, grandchildren or other descendants. American death taxes, contrary to a complaining attorney I worked for in San Francisco, were designed to prevent European-like wealthy families (the Medici family) and groups from controlling the country: the Rockefellers, JPMorgan descendants, Kock Brothers, Kennedys, Trump’s degenerative family dynasty and others I don’t know the names of – except congress professionals like McDonnell – but the New York Times can list them. According to a very old book I have, IRS returns were made private after about 1929 or so when rich people wanted to protect themselves from the wrath of the masses.
  14. IMPROVE EDUCATION for all. Not college for all because colleges fear failing students because of loss of income. When I taught, I was the only teacher of five who gave a student the “F” he deserved. All his other grades were “Ds”.  Turkey did this with a national exam. Then rich people invented private colleges to give their unruly, impolite, lazy, impudent, entitled kids a college degree. But if Trump-like people no longer have access to millions, they won’t be donating buildings to Harvard to get their obviously IQ-lacking kids an Ivy League education.
  15. INCREASE WORKES’ PAY so not both partners need to work. Let one stay home and raise the kids- rather than forcing teachers to act as parents without the time, emotions, or any of the disciplinary tools so important in child-rearing.
  16. MIGRANT WORKERS – should be given USA citizenship right to work while working. Once their work is finished, they return to their home country – not qualifying for unemployment, welfare, food stamps, housing or health benefits once their work is finished. However, their ‘migrant citizenship’ qualification remains so they need not reapply each year.
  17. PEDOPHILES – offer them two options: chemical castration or immediate death by their choice (lethal drugs, assisted suicide, firing squad – for both male and female pedophiles).
    Why? Certain drugs kill the sex drive, but pedophiles cannot be guaranteed to take the drugs. Pedophiles rarely alter their behavior; they improve their police avoidance. Additionally, their victims receive a life sentence of trauma. And for those who are repeatedly abused, their hypothalamuses do not develop. This in turn causes them to have compromised immune systems.  The hypothalamus is unable to produce an essential protein to build a healthy immune system. Many people view the victims of sexual abuse and their medical complaints as hypochondria and are unkind. Simple bacteria and viruses can either totally incapacitate their physical health or kill them.
  18. RAPE – men (and the rare female rapists) should be executed for rape as quickly as possible. Since rape is not only a sexual crime, removing testicles may not prevent future rapes. Most rapists are rarely caught and sentenced less. Like pedophiles, they most often cannot control their uncivilized urges. Since their actions are so detrimental to society, they lose their right to belong to society.
    Read the New York Times’ June 17th, 2020 article “The Rape Kit’s Secret History” by Pagan Kennedy at Contribute to funding the 45 states with DNA testing for the backlogged kits via The Joyful Heart Foundation at
    For more information visit
    This is why we need CAW – the continual power of men to protect their freedom to rape with impunity – take the information, store it, ignore it, and destroy it. This backlog is one of many CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN.
  19. RE-INSTATE THE DRAFT. No, I don’t like this idea but withoEut the draft, mostly poor people join the military for a job. When even Elvis Presley was drafted, he joined. When Trump illegally avoided the draft with ‘bone spurs’ EVERYONE KNEW. The problem with an all-volunteer military is that wars are conducted without the American people’s approval.  Did we hear of anti-Afghan demonstrations much? Sure, there was some anti-Iraqi war stuff, but the wealth profiteers from war over-rode them with bizarre laws and lies. Unfortunately, one country’s military cannot be abolished because there’s always some man who covets his neighboring country’s women and wealth.
  20. RETURN CIVILITY TO EVERYDAY LIFE – “Please” and “Thank you” are just the beginning. Arabic culture is founded on politeness. Americans are known around the world for being impolite.
  21. SALARIES OF LAWYERS & TEACHERS EXCHANGED – Teachers are much more influential, necessary and vital to the culture. They are more essential than the corporate hired guns (lawyers). Lawyers work for rich corporations. Seize the wealth of the rich for everyone!  Enhance teacher requirements – every teacher MUST have at least a “B” GPA.
  22. SEX & WOMEN – teach women that walking around nearly naked on a beach is not freedom but exploitation from women-as-sex-objects men.  And equal pay, and all the other inequalities between the sexes. When young, men I knew did physical labor for three to four times the salary I earned to dress up, smile, wear nylons, and be nice as a clerical worker. Of course my male friends had cars and I didn’t!
  23. SHARE PROFITS WITH WORKERS – NOT COMMUNISIM, but old America. Today’s laws allow corporations to stint on employee wages, but not CEOS, CFOS, golden parachutes, firing severance pay for management, and other company profiteers. These laws were enacted recently (less than 50 years).
  24. SUGAR SHOULD BE A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE – it should cease being added to foods of all kinds. It should be regulated and controlled just as many other white powders.
  25. TAX ALL RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS & DEMAND FULL ACCOUNTING for their accepted donations and disbursements. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE, including TV evangelists and cults.
  26. TAX INTERNET COMPANIES – yeah, it was tax-free to encourage Internet businesses when the Internet was new, but it ain’t new anymore. Europe taxes Amazon nowadays, does the USA?
  27. TEACHERS SHOULD TEACH, not replace parental moral education. Yes, both teachers and students need to share more responsibility for their own learning. Teachers should be allowed, within legal limits, to dismiss incorrigible children from class disruptions.  Teachers should be allowed to give As and Fs within limits. Children over 16 should be allowed to leave school by choice. Give them more offers for vocational training and apprenticeships (but not with Trump – on or off TV).
  28. THE 1% – confiscate ALL THEIR PROPERTY. Give them only a million dollars for food, housing, education and clothes. Whenever their income goes over a million, confiscate and redistribute it to the national economy. Why? NO ONE person legally or morally need’ that much money.
  29. UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE provided by the government. MANY European countries and even Canada offers this.
  30. VIOLENCE in the country – confiscate all firearms  – amend the one specific Bill of Rights that murderous people think grants them the right to kill whomever they want, whenever they want, for whatever reason they want with a gun.
  31. VIOLENCE IN MEN – remove one testicle at birth to cut down on male testosterone levels. If Trump medical experts find this painful, tough. If it fails, at puberty, freeze male sperm and cut off the other testicle. Less violently, women can be given female hormone pills to put in their aggressive men’s meals.
  32. VIOLENCE WORLDWIDE – like Co-vid19, violence is a global virus. Fund research to biologically exhume it from human anatomy.
  33. Anything else? Let me know and I’ll add it – including links. Maybe.


  1. Well, that about covers it. A ton of great and fun suggestions; but I do have a couple of amendments to your plan, to wit: #19–The draft—a better, more effective and inclusive solution, I believe, would be mandatory civil service (2 years) for all Americans, natural born and otherwise. The armed forces would consist of even numbers of men and women of many different ages; but no individual could serve in the military before turning 25, a ratherarbitrary—and negotiable age, but teenagers with high caliber firearms just doesn’t fit my desire to have a more mature force with better judgment skills. The million dollar limit on the 1%ers (or anyone else) is rather stingy, and certainly not doable. A cap of 30 mildo is more palatable in this day and age, and may attract more support. There are other thoughts that your missive provokes, but it would take further analysis and consideration to elicit those now. Meanwhile, how nice to hear from you! I often pass the still-standing house you grew up in, if memory serves accurately— was it not 1963 Spruce?


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