Why the Holy Roman Catholic Church Should be Abolished

  1. Pedophilia
    Institutionalized, encouraged exploitation of children and the uneducated.

  2. Unnatural beliefs inflicted on masses
    The “Holy Family” as a family of virgins is not normal or possible because human/animal nature demands procreation through sex.

    Ex-cathedra speaking leader (despot)
    Stating when the leader (pope) spoke as if he himself were God, and thus whatever is said is true and must be obeyed.

  3. Corruption of human nature
    The forgiving of sins (wrongdoing) at the point of death allows the sinner instant access to heaven.

    Promise that the bad will be punished by hell and the good rewarded by heaven as a fairy tale to maintain the status quo. Thus poor people endure unrighteous behavior in hope of a fictional heaven, allowing evil people to continue their harm of society by belief in a fictional hell.

  4. Genocide & Torture
    Missionaries killing in the name of God in North and South America, and most likely, probably other, as yet, unpublicized locations.

    Torture during the Inquisition and anytime a pope/clergy thought he had an enemy.
  5. Anti-science
    Persecution of Galileo, ridicule of Darwin, prevention of science being taught to the masses (Catholic schools rarely included science in their first through eighth-grade schools into the 1970s.)
  6. Anti-rational thought (human evolution)
    During the Inquisition throughout Europe, simply proposing a question – thinking – labeled a person a heretic who then inherited death, often by means of torture.
  7. Warmongering
    “God is on our side” said by both the Germans and Allies, equivalent to “Allah Akbar”. Wars against Protestants (people who protested corruption in the Church). Wars against science to prevent the masses from self-education. Encouragement of wars against people with different beliefs.
  8. Persecution
    Teaching only Catholics were worthy of friendship and social interactions, and only Catholics went to heaven.
  9. Deception-lying
    Infamous during the investigation of pedophilia up to the highest level within the Church; deceptive banking arrangements and murders to protect information from reaching the public.
  10. Financial gain – take from poor, benefit self
    Wealthy living by pope, bishops, others with access to ‘charities’ supplied by millions of the poor; untaxed revenue; untaxed property.
  11. Encouragement of poverty (anti-birth control)
    The smaller the family size, the more family resources available to members; the larger the family, the more strife and stress. Family members choose unhealthy, anti-social behaviors for survival.

    This too benefits the Church because it creates a constant source of ‘evil’ that must be fought and prayed for through donations.

  12. Militarization of religion
    Catholics undergo a public puberty ritual of ‘Confirmation’ becoming ‘Soldiers of Christ’; crusades against Muslims and other religious believers, including ridicule.

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